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RAIPEC Ltd designs and manufactures products that are regarded as solutions to problems encountered in the evolving world of day-to-day engineering. Mainly bespoke, these products are electrical/electronic in nature and mainly cover audio, video and power distribution. Our customers range from Cinema, Pro-Audio through to companies specializing in Themepark and Visitor Attractions.

Customers include :- Cineworld, Richard Matthews Associates (RMA), University of Cambridge and The Royal Automobile Club London.

Those involved in the Company have many years of engineering experience, developing products that meet and exceed technical expectation whilst being cognisant of budget constraints.

Exciter power supply (non-switchmode)
Reverse scan LED power supply with current/voltage settings (non-switchmode)
Power Amplifier Monitor (line and amplifier monitoring)
Plug-in 2-channel Active Crossovers
Plug-in 2-channel  Active Crossover left, centre,right base unit
Power Amplifiers 100W,300W,450W,600W,800W into 4R
Dolby DMA8 Controller
Dolby Digital Bypass Card (with or without Optical Card)
Dolby CP750 Bypass Unit


DMX VCA 4-channel balanced audio volume control (LIN/Audio taper)
DMX VCA 8-channel balanced audio volume control (LIN/Audio taper)
DMX 2-channel lamp dimmer + 4 relay triggers
DMX Iris controller

Mains Distribution
8 channel sequential Power Delay, 20A total

2 channel sequential Power Delay, 13A total
Mains Monitor Unit, 240V 10A/20A systems
Soft Start

LIZA (Low ImpedanZe Audio)
CAT5. Low cost, high performance analogue audio distribution

Transformer coupled 2-channel line driver
Transformer coupled 2-channel line receiver (multi-drop)
Active 2-channel line driver
Active 2-channel line receiver (multi-drop)
Active 4-channel line driver
Active 4-channel line receiver


Audio / Video
Personal Headphone Monitor

Loudspeaker Audio Coupler
MP3/MPEG2 Audio/Video Servers
CAT5 balanced video transmitters/receivers
Eurocard audio power amplifiers,
10W 2-channel and 20W single channel

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